The Original Zip Sauce, known as a steak eaters’ steak sauce, has been a restaurant favorite for over 50 years!

Not just for steak anymore, it is used as a dipping sauce for many things! Use it in stir fry, hamburgers, fish and vegetables, and it’s 100% vegetarian.

Zip Sauce is available in every store that has won The Fancy Food Show’s “Gourmet Retailer of the Year” for the last 10 years.

100% Pure Tasty and now available to Order Online.

Michael Esshaki - Founder/Head Chef of Zip Sauce

Michael Esshaki
Founder & Head Chef of Zip Sauce

Michael Esshaki began his restaurant career working for Mike Lelli as a waiter in his restaurant Lelli’s. Lelli’s, a Detroit hot spot, specializes in northern Italian dishes and became famous for their filet mignon with Zip Sauce.  One year later, he bought the Larco’s restaurant in West Bloomfield from Mike Lelli’s cousin Mike Larco.  It was during his time at Larco’s that he learned how to make Zip Sauce.

Although Zip Sauce was born at Lelli’s, the popularity and demand for the sauce forced many of the finest Italian restaurants in Detroit, such as Andiamo’s, Rochester Chop House, and Mario’s, to try and duplicate a similar sauce.  Every chef has his or her own “best way” of making Zip Sauce.  Yet, the main obstacle was how to portion the ingredients to be practical for cooking at home.  After almost three years of experimenting, he was able to perfect this combination using the same ingredients found in up-scale restaurants.  Try it, you’ll love it and recognize the taste immediately.

At last… the elusive sauce in a bottle.