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The Original Zip Sauce, known as a steak eaters’ steak sauce, has been a restaurant favorite for over 50 years!

Not just for steak anymore, it is used as a dipping sauce for many things! Use it in stir fry, hamburgers, fish and vegetables, and it’s 100% vegetarian.

Zip Sauce is available in every store that has won The Fancy Food Show’s “Gourmet Retailer of the Year” for the last 10 years.

100% Pure Tasty and now available to Order Online.

Customer Testimonials

Susan M. Selasky

Susan M. Selasky

A juicy beefsteak and sautéed mushrooms go together perfectly — especially when you add a great sauce to the mix. Make that beefsteak a filet mignon, add a yummy zip sauce, top it off with a tangy blue cheese and you’ve got a combo that’s irresistible.